"We hired Sheila to help plan our destination wedding in the Dominican Republic! Sheila has been very accommodating and very easy to talk to! You can tell she loves what she does not only by how well she does it but by how dedicated she is at planning your dream wedding! We couldn’t have found someone better. Thank-you Sheila"

"My fiancé and I have been trying to plan our wedding. After looking into having, it locally, we were overwhelmed by the cost. We decided to take what we thought was the easy route and do a destination wedding. After dealing with a few different travel agencies, we found ourselves even more frustrated. No one seemed to be able to answer our questions nor did they seem to care to make the time.

We came across Sheila Her professional attitude and dedication to our needs were second to none. She answered all our questions in a timely fashion. Weddings can be a daunting task to undertake, and Shelia made everything enjoyable and set my fiancé at ease.

Definitely a big plus for any guy!!!! If you are planning a wedding or just a vacation. I would highly recommend Sheila. She is a great person to deal with and just a wonderful person all around. Not only have we found a fantastic travel agent for our future travels but also a caring and supportive friend."

"Sheila made planning our destination wedding very stress-free...helping us in getting guests from 3 different gateway as well as some hotel-only guests. She was very patient with helping us pick a great resort and was quick with responding. Now she is helping us book another vacation...we have found a great travel agent for life :)"

"We recently had a beautiful wedding in the Dominican Republic this past April. It was a fabulous all-inclusive and even better week. This would not have been possible without our wedding specialist, Sheila. 

If an upcoming wedding itself isn’t stressful enough, wait until you search for a solid wedding specialist and trip coordinator. We had appointments with a dozen all-inclusive wedding “specialists” but nothing was working out. We were becoming very discouraged and heading into the big day and a big trip discouraged is not good. We also had the added pressure of finding the perfect place to accommodate our very unique group of friends and family who were making the trip down with us. Prices were coming back high, the resorts were not what we were looking for and the coordination of the dates as well as guests flying out of three different areas (Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax) was a disaster. The biggest issue was the customer service from the agents we met with was very poor. This was until we had a wonderful meeting and shared a coffee/chat with Sheila. Immediately following our first meetup we knew she was the one.

We met, discussed exactly what and when we wanted as well as details on the type of resort for the type of group we had going down. Sheila attentively listened, took notes, and also provided helpful feedback and tips on the spot. The first meeting was completely free and felt more like we were meeting with a friend to talk about our wedding over a coffee. This was our biggest takeaway, she was down to earth, and it didn’t seem business as usual, but more like a person very interested in helping us find the best option possible.

Within 3-4 hours after our first meeting, we had an email from Sheila with about 8 resorts, all resorts we mentioned with prices and dates. The fact that she was so quick was a good sign, but the better sign was that she was going to go above and beyond. She told us that if we don’t mind, she’s going to do a search on her own of some spots she thought would be perfect for us. She did just that, the very next day she had a few more resorts emailed to us with prices and dates. She said to take a look but don’t make a decision quite yet, she was going to do some more digging. She did that until she found the absolute perfect spot, it was well under our budget as well as our guests budget, it was the exact dates we wanted, a new area for us (Dominican, and we’ll be going back J), and the flights she found for us going from all three locations were great, well not great they were perfect.

Now the date and location were set. The next steps were very easy, easy payment plans, easy coordination with the resort, and Sheila would meet with us every so often for any minor updates and suggested plans/perks the resort offered. She also calmed me down about the possibility of bad weather and that’s the one thing we could not control but in the end, it wouldn’t matter, we were going to have a great time either way. It didn’t matter, the weather was wonderful to go along with the trip. A few weeks before the wedding, everyone was sent an itinerary and a “how-to” and “what to expect” type package from Sheila that really helped. Things went so smoothly; we could not believe it. The flight, the resort, the wedding coordinator at the resort, our rooms, all our guests’ needs, and of course the big day. It was a 10/10.

When we returned to Calgary, we met with Sheila again. She was excited to hear how well the trip went and we now have some vouchers through her as well that will save on our next trip. We’ll be booking through her again, we also consider her a friend."

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